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The Kingdom Of God is NEar

Gather the children near the font if possible. Ask them if they have ever felt left out? Accept all answers. Say “yes! We all have felt left out at some point in our lives. What made you feel better about that? Or did you feel better about it? Do you still struggle? I know that I sometimes do! But I can remember that I am included in God’s family.
In today’s Luke story and the letter from Paul to the people of Galatia, we are learning that God includes everyone into God’s family. Paul says that we are to keep doing good to everyone as they are part of God’s family. Jesus tells the 70 people that he sent out to tell the world about God’s love that sometimes people will like what you say and sometimes they will reject it and you will feel left out. But the good news and the promise is that the Kingdom of God is near-is near everyone no matter what! You are always included in God’s love. God says so in water being poured on us at baptism, in the bread and in the wine at communion and in this community here who promises to love each other like God loves no matter what! Your name, Jesus says, is written in heaven, or what that really means is on God’s heart. You are never left out of God’s love! Who can you share that with?
Let’s pray: Dear Jesus, thank you for telling us that all people are included in God’s love and in God’s kingdom. We pray to include all people in your love too! Amen.
+Your name is written on God’s heart+
Worhsip prayer station: Supples: Large poster board with the words “KINGDOM OF GOD” written on it, markers, crayons, stickers. (might need more than one poster board for a larger congregation))
Invite people to write names and groups of people who are also written in heaven, or on God’s heart. It’s a great reminder to add those names of people whom we struggle with or who stuggle with us! Invite people to pray for this list during the week.