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Children’s Sermon All Saints Sunday John 11:32-44 Nov 1, 2015

20130822-223520.jpgPreparation: You will need a large mirror or several smaller ones. For the worship station you need the mirror/mirrors and markers or dry erase markers.

Gather the children with you and around a big mirror.  Say “look into this mirror, what do you see?” Take answers (the will see themselves and others sitting next to them)   Ask, “Ok, so have you have been told you look like someone in your family? I get told I look like my Dad because our eyes are the same. And sometimes I am told I am like my grandmother because we like many of the same things. So sometimes when I look in the mirror, I do not just see myself, I see my Dad or I see the things my grandmother and I love then I think about my grandparents who have died and the other family members that I have in my family. Sometimes I wish they were still here so I could see how much we look like and so I could talk to them again. Do you any of you have people you love that have died and you wish were still here?”

20130822-223633.jpg“Jesus has a friend named Lazarus and in this story today, Lazarus died and his sisters went to get Jesus. They were very sad and so was Jesus.  Then Jesus did this amazing thing and he told Lazarus to come out of the tomb! And Lazarus did come out and the family had their brother back, he was raised from the dead. Now sometimes, I am sad that this does not happen with the ones I love. I would like to see them not just in the mirror when I look at myself or in a picture. So sometimes this story makes me sad. But other times this story makes me hopeful. Jesus wants us to know that one day we will be with those we love and miss and Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead not just to show his power but also so show us that God’s love and power can overcome all our fears and all our sadness and that when we feel those things God is right there with us.”

20130822-224425.jpg“So Let’s look in the mirror again and say a prayer together. Loving Jesus, thank you for our faces, thank you for our memories of those we love, help us to see them and you in our hearts and to know your promise of eternal life. Amen”

20130822-223908.jpgHave the children look at themselves in the mirror while saying these words. “God in my head, God in my heart, God on my left, God on my right.”

FaithCross_WorshipHave mirrors at a station on a table. Either a big one or several smaller ones. Have dry erase or regular markers (test them first) around the mirrors. Post these instructions: Look in the mirror and notice what memories are there for you or what hopes you have. Notice if you remind yourself of someone you know that has died either by looks or because of the bond you shared in other ways. Write a word or a prayer or draw a memory on the mirrors. Then look in the mirror again and give yourself a blessing: Child of God, you are surrounded in memory and hope +

All Saints Children’s Sermon Nov. 2nd, 2014, Matthew 5:1-12 Year A

ffjChildrenSermonPreparation: Death is not something that we talk about much in our culture and today can be a wonderful opportunity to talk to children about death. Many of them have experienced death in some form or another (if not a relative, then maybe a pet) and to give them a space to process grief in their faith community can be valuable and supportive. This might be a longer children’s sermon or incorporate it into the sermon message to be a cross generational time in worship. For young children it is important to use precise language. Say the words “death,” and “died.” Children become confused and scared by euphemisms such as “lost,” “passed on,” or “gone.” They have all been lost or their parents can be “gone” for time and this can raise anxiety around what death actually is.

FaithCross_ConnectALT Have a picture of someone or a pet from your life whom has died. Tell the children about this person or pet. What do you remember about them, what saying or action from them you now say or do? If a pet, tell about something that was uniquely that particular pet. Ask the children to tell one thing about someone that they know who has died. Give space for this. If you do this as a cross generational time, have people pair up or small group themselves for this conversation. Say, “Do we sometimes feel sad about missing our loved one or pet? We do don’t we? It can make us feel good to talk about the person or pet that we miss and still love but it can also make us feel sad at the same time. Life is like that and we all feel sad and happy at the same time sometimes.”

FaithCross_BibleALTSay, “Jesus talks about what it is to be blessed in our Bible story this morning. He even says that people who mourn-who are sad-are blessed. That seems weird doesn’t it? To be blessed is to feel sad? But here is what Jesus means-we only feel sad about missing someone or a pet who has died because we loved them very much. To love someone and to have that person or pet love us feels very good and is important. Jesus is reminding us that love is what is the most important thing-even when we are sad. All love, love for each other, our friends, family, pets, comes from God. To know love from friends, family or pets is to know a little bit more about God’s love in our lives. This is a blessing-that God loves us, gives us people around us to show God’s love and to know that God is with us always. That’s what Jesus means that people are blessed-God’s love surrounds us all at all times and in all places. Even when death is involved. Today we are remembering and celebrating people that we miss so much because we love them so much! Death cannot and never will stop love. God’s promises that not even death can separate us from God’s love. This is a day when we share that good news with each other and the world.”

FaithCross_PrayALTLove is forever. God, we are grateful for your presence with us when we are happy, sad, confused, joyful, angry, peaceful and at all times. Love from you flows to others around us and we are indeed blessed to live in your love and promises with our friends, family and pets. We know that death doesn’t separate us from you and that we are never alone because you promise to with us always. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

FaithCross_Worship Have small candle holders, tea light candles, permanent markers, a large candle stand or table, easy lighters (for safety only adults should light candles). Have a table where everyone can decorate a candle holder with a loved one’s name on it and other important words or symbols about your relationship with the person who has died. Put the tea light in the candle holder and place it on the table with the other candles. Each person can light their own candle. After your worship station time, have a communal prayer highlighting all of the people that this congregation has loved as evidenced by all of the lit candles. Pray that this love spills out into God’s world as the light of Christ shines through us for the sake of the world.

20130822-223908.jpg+You are blessed and loved by God+

Children’s Sermon Nov. 3rd, 2013, All Saints Sunday Ephesians 1: 11-23

Preparation: You will need two small tea light candles for each child or two glow sticks
for each child. If you give the candles PLEASE emphasize that only adults light candles.
20130822-223315.jpgHave the children gather around the Paschal candle (have it lit) if you
have one or the altar candles. Talk about the nature of light and how
even just one little candle can give enough light to let us see in the
dark and show us the way.
20130822-223633.jpgSay: “We read part of a letter this morning that someone named Paul
wrote to people in a place called Ephesus. Paul wanted the people their
to know how wonderful it was that they loved God. Paul also wanted to
remind them that God was working through them to reveal God’s love to
everyone that they talked to in their day. The people of Ephesus were
sort of like this candle. They showed people the way to God by just being who God
created them to be and and telling people about God.
Is there someone in your life who talks to you about God? Who is that person?” (Accept
all answers.) “These people are like lights that point us to God aren’t they? Do you know
that you also show people God? You do! You are a light to someone and show God’s
“I have two candles (tea lights) for you to take home today. One is for you-now never
light a candle with out mom or dad-and one is for you to give to someone who talks to
you about God. When you give it to them say, ‘you are God’s light to me!'”
20130822-224425.jpg“Dear God, thank you for all the people who tell me about you. Help us
to talk to our friends about God too. Amen.”
20130822-223908.jpg(Make the sign of the cross on one another) “You reflect God’s light.”

Faith + Home Connection November 2013

20130822-223454.jpgGather your household to a comfortable location. Share your highs and lows for the day/week.

20130822-223633.jpg Read Ephesians 1:11-23.

For children: Who talks to you about God in your house or at school? Is there someone who prays with you? Ask your mom or dad who told them about Jesus. Do you talk to your friends about God? Is that hard sometimes? It can be hard but God is with you always, especially when you might feel nervous or afraid! Say a prayer today for someone that you are grateful for in your life.

For adults/youth: Is there someone in your life who helps you to see God’s work in your life and in the world? What reminds you of God’s promise and of hope in your life? Is it a person or nature? How do we reveal God’s power in Jesus Christ in our communities?

20130822-223749.jpg God of all, you sent Jesus to reveal your love and mercy to a broken world. In Christ’s death and resurrection, you revealed your power over death and suffering and declared that nothing separates your people from you. We give thanks for all the people who show us your love, power and mercy in our lives. May we also be that light for others, amen.

20130822-223908.jpg (Make the sign of the cross on one another) You are sealed by the promise of the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever.

FaithCross_ServeALTThis Ephesians text is appointed for All Saints Sunday, a day where we remember those witnesses of Christ who have died and those witnesses in our lives who are still living. Write a note with a prayer for someone in your life who reveals God’s love to you. You can sign your name or give it anonymously.  Another idea is to decorate a simple white candle with symbols of God’s love with permanent markers and give it to someone this week who is the light of Christ for you or for someone else.

Children’s Sermon All Saints Sunday 2012

Scripture: Isaiah 25: 6-9 or Revelation 21:1-6a

Preparation: A chair for every generation you have in your worshipping community and someone to represent them. There are 5-6ish living generations-depending on your source. Roughly: GI Generation (1901-1924), Silent (1925-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Gen X (1965-1985), Gen Y (1978-1990), Gen Z 1995-2007 or today)
Then 2 extra chairs-one on each end- to represent the generations that have all passed and the ones yet to be born.

You can prep people ahead or just call people forward to sit in their chair, whatever is more comfortable.

Faith+Gather: Gather the children with you and in front of the empty chairs (or if you would rather have the people in them already that is fine too). Explain the chairs and generations to the children saying that they represent all the different ages living now.

Faith+Share: Ask them, “Why do we have empty chairs on each end?” Take their answers and guide them to understanding that the empty chairs show the generations of people who have not been born and also the ones that have all lived before us. Continue with a simple explanation of All Saints Day, “Today we are remembering all the people who have gone before us and specifically we will say the names of the people who died this year. We call this All Saints day not because they are people that never did anything wrong but because they were people who were important in teaching and living faith in God even t hough they had struggles and sorrows and joys just like we do. We take time to remember that God’s promises are for us and that they have been passed down and told to us because of the generations before. And these living people–they are the saints that tell us the story now and share their faith with each other and with the next generations. And this other empty chair shows that there are people yet to be born that will need to hear the story. And who will tell them about God’s promises and love?…. That’s right, you and the others who are here to live and walk in faith with them.”
Share the scripture: “God promises to bring new life to us here on earth and to restore us all together in God’s kingdom. It’s a promise for the future but it’s also a promise for today that God is here with us and loving us all through our lives no matter our age.”

Faith+Prayer: Let’s pray together and then we will offer a blessing to all the generations. Jesus, you give us many people to share the story of God’s love. Be with each person, young and old, and be with us today as we remember the people who have died and how you love them too. Amen

Faith+Blessing: Have the children stand and gather around the chairs placing their hands on heads and shoulders. Say this blessing together or have just the leaders say it:
May you know the love and presence of God who is here in all ages. Amen

~Idea submitted by Rev. Michael Stadtmueller, written by Rev. Leta Behrens

Permission to use for nonprofit. When printing give credit to Faith Formation Journeys. Intellectual property rights apply

November Faith + Home Connection Mark 12: 28-34

Faith + Open: Gather the household members to a comfortable place in the home. Light a candle and open with prayer. For this prayer, have each person gathered offer a word or a phrase of how they have felt God’s presence this day/week. Have everyone say a loud “AMEN” together!

Faith + Share: This month we have two texts that are related. First read Deuteronomy 6: 4-9, then read Mark 12: 28-34.

For Children: Sometimes it feels like we have a lot of rules in our lives, doesn’t it? But Jesus tells people in the Bible that the most important thing to remember-better than any other rules-is to love God with your whole body and love everyone you meet! When do you like to talk to God in your day? How can you show love to the people in your family, neighborhood or school?

For Youth/Adults: Jesus is repeating in Mark 12 the words from Deut. 6. In Judaism Deut. 6 is call the “Shema” which means “to hear.” These verses in Deut. are so important that they are written down and kept in what is called a mezuzah-a small capsule type object that is fixed to doorways in Jewish homes. Mezuzahs are a constant reminder to love God with all of your existence all day long no matter where you are. What helps you to remember to have God first in your daily life? Prayer? Scriptures? How or when do you hear God in your daily life?

Faith + Blessing: Write down the words of Deut. 6: 4-5 on a large piece of paper and put it on your refrigerator or a prominent place in your home. When you pass by this verse take a moment and read it out loud to hear the words of the Shema.

Faith + Live: This month at LCM we will be putting together 50 Thanksgiving meals to show love for our neighbors who may be hungry. Let’s see if we can do more than 50! Look in the Master’s Voice for more information on this important way to love our neighbor! The Confirmation youth will be making 50 cards with words of God’s love and community to go into these baskets.

Faith + Close: Prayer: God creator, Jesus Christ redeemer and Holy Spirit our sustainer, we pray to love you with our whole lives and our whole selves. Focus us on our community and all of your people in the world so that all will hear your voice of love for your creation. Amen.

Children Sermon All Saints Matthew 5:1-12

Scripture: Matthew 5: 1-12 (for Proper text Matthew 25 click here)

Preparation: visual aids of a Bible and a map

Faith+Open: Gather the children with you. Have you ever been lost? I have! One time I took a wrong turn going home and ended up on the wrong road. I knew that I had to find the right road to get home. I was by myself too so I didn’t have anyone to help me. It was a little scary but I was able to find the right road after looking for a while. I did have a map with me so that I could read it and find the right way to go. (or tell a story of time YOU really were Lost!) Show them the map and say this might have helped you!

Faith+Share: We heard the word “blessed” a lot in this story this morning (or we will hear when we read the Gospel) and one meaning of that word is “you are on the right road.” (From the Hebrew)  When we follow Jesus we know that we are on the right road. But how can we know that we are on the right road? Or what happens if we don’t know how to follow Jesus? Well, God gave us a kind of map to help us. When we read the Bible we can learn about God and this can help us follow Jesus. And even better God gave us family and friends to be on the journey with us. When we are all together we can help each other follow Jesus. When we pray together, read the Bible together, sing, play, work together, in all of those things we can follow Jesus! 

Show the Bible during this part of relating it to being a map

Today we spend time remembering those who have died this year. We do this as a way to remember their life and their walk with God. They are people who we love and we miss and we remember today in the ways that they showed us God and lived following Jesus. (you may want to take time here to hear from the children about anyone or a pet they have lost and invite them to pray for or remember them today in worship through lighting a candle or whatever your ritual may be)

Jesus, you have come so that we can know God and know how to follow you. Help us on our paths each day to see and show your love. Amen

Faith+Blessing: Remember God is with us always.  Make sign of cross together saying:

God in my head
God in my heart
God on my left
God on my right

Extension Ideas: 

1. Have children share someone or a pet they have lost. Listen to their stories and pray for their remembrances

2. Including children in a lighting of candles ritual