Palm Sunday Children’s Sermon 2014

Scripture Focus: Matthew 21:1-11

Faith+Open—Pass out palm branches if you haven’t already. These can be real or the crosses or they can be made from paper. Gather the children in the back and lead them to the front shouting Hosanna together. You can walk all around the sanctuary if you like!

Faith+Share:  Read the story of Palm Sunday from the Spark Children’s Bible or other Bible of your choice.

Ask: Have you ever been to a parade or been in a parade? What was that like? If Jesus came to our town how do you think the people would greet him?

We can welcome Jesus in our lives by how we welcome others—especially the stranger. How can you welcome someone who is new to school or Sunday school?

Palm Sunday is also about shouting Hosanna and praising God. Look at your hand, we call the middle part a palm, right? If we look at our five fingers let’s think of 5 praises for God together. Then you can do this at home with your family later today and each think of 5 praises.

Together figure out 5 praises taking answers from kids.

We have this story of Jesus and it is the first story of what we call this week—Holy Week. It is when Jesus rides into Jerusalem and then will later have his last supper with his disciples and on Friday we will have worship to remember the day he died on the cross and then next Sunday we celebrate….what? Easter! You’re right. We spend this week getting ready for Easter by remembering the stories of Jesus’ last days and remembering the love he has for each of us.

Faith+Prayer: Jesus,  we praise you for being our God who lived in our world and still loves in our heads and hearts and all around us.  Amen

Faith+Blessing: Let’s say together making the sign of the cross: God in my head, God in my heart, God on my left and God on my right.

Extended activitiesIf you meet with children for a longer period of time outside of the worship space here are some ideas:

1.    Make palm branches with construction paper and then parade back to worship.

2.    Trace hands “palms” and write one way to praise God in each finger.

3.    Get out musical instruments and create a song of praise together

**originally written in 2011

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