Philippians Children’s Sermon Series #3: Phil. 3:4b-14

Philippians Children’s Sermon Series

Series Note: In the lectionary year A Pentecost 14 through 17 we read through Philippians as the Epistle each week. The letters of Paul can have challenging content to teach to children (adults too!). We have written a children’s sermon series based on the scripture verses in Philippians. You can use these as a series or on their own.  The overarching theme is focused on how we are those who walk with and live as servants of Jesus and yet Rejoice that God is with us in all of our daily living as we strive to “let our gentleness be known and remember the Lord is near” (Phil 4:5 paraphrase).

Preparation: You will need a children’s bible. (Spark Storybook Bible is recommended because it has a nice paraphrase of Philippians)

Faith+Open: Gather children. “Do you remember that if you were hear last week you took some stars home?” Where did you put them?” Get answers. “I hope the stars reminded you that God is with you in all kinds of places. 

Faith+Share“I want to read you more about the story of Paul who is the one who was writing this letter to the Philippians. While I read notice where Paul is writing from.”

Read from the Spark Bible or other children’s Bible. The main ideas is to convey that Paul is in jail, he is scared and sad, his friends are worried about him but he even while he is suffering he knows that God is with him.

After you read say, “Where was Paul?  Yes, even though he is in jail Paul still knows that God is with him. He knows that God is with him and his friends as he prays for them. He is trusting God even when it’s really hard.  How many different places can you think of that God is with us?”
Refer to the places the kids talked about in opening

“God is with us in all these places and God is with us when we are sad or scared and when we are joyful or happy. We also know that we can be kind and gentle with our friends and family and neighbors because then they know that they are loved by us and by God. That is why we are learning this blessing and doing it each week. It helps to remind us that God is with us, always near to us and that we can live together in community and be gentle with one another.”

“Let’s say it together…”

Faith+Blessing:  Say together the words from Philippians 4:5 (NRSV) while doing the following actions:

Let your gentleness (flat hands palms facing body circle each other)  be known to everyone (open hands and arms out). The Lord is near (hands to heart)

Extended Ideas:
Make a mural of drawings of all the places God is with us.

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