Children’s Sermon – 2nd Sunday of Christmas, January 3, 2016, John 1:10-18 (and a little following!)

Prepare: Make two signs. One should have a large circle that says “this is the way.” This sign should be sturdy enough for some small children to run into. The other should have an arrow pointing to the side and also have the words “this is the Way” on it, but note the capitalization.

If you are going to also do a worship station, then make the sign with the arrow big enough for people in the congregation to either write directly on it or to add post-it note to it.


Invite the children up and show them the sign with the circle (keep the other one hidden somewhere). Invite them to try to walk through the sign (you should probably stand behind it to keep it from falling over – and you may want to just get one or two volunteers!)

Ask them if they had any success getting through the sign that clearly says “this is the way?”


In the Bible story that we hear today there is a man named John who has some ideas about Jesus. We might know this guy better as John the Baptizer. He talks about Jesus as being greater than him, and as being before him. He even says at one point that he is not the way, but he came to point to the one who is the way!

Which brings us back to our sign here. What if instead of a circle it had an arrow that could point to Jesus? Maybe something like this! (pull out the other sign)

We can use this sign to point to all the things that remind us of, and bring us closer to Jesus!  Can you find some things like that? (let them find a few symbols of Jesus in the room, maybe help them get started if they need it)

Jesus is the Way, and John points us toward him. Sometimes we do our best to act like Jesus – being kind, and loving, and forgiving – but maybe we should practice acting like John, too.  We should work to point the way to Jesus!


+ You are a child of God, born of God’s will. +


Giving and loving God, you not only gave us Jesus, but you gave us people like John who point the way to Jesus! Help us to point others to you. Amen.


For a worship station, invite people to think about, and write down ways that they have pointed to God in their lives, or ways that they wish they had pointed to God.  Then hang the sign up in your church for a few weeks to remind people to point to God!


Children’s Sermon December 27, 2016 Luke 2:41-52

20130715-113716.jpgPreparation– You need an older child and a blanket (if you have your own child that would added bonus)

Gather the kids up front. Have an older child wrapped in a blanket come up with you or be up there already. Say, “I want you all to see my (this) baby.” Unwrap the older child from the blanket. “Wow! My (this) baby grew up! But this is still my (or someone’s) baby right?”

FaithCross_BibleALT“This seems silly, yes, but just a few days ago we were  celebrating Jesus being born and now all of a sudden we are reading a Bible story where he is not a baby! Wow, he did not stay a baby very long! But what this story does show us is that Jesus grew up in the world just like you do. Jesus went to worship, Jesus traveled with his family, Jesus made his mom and dad worry. Have you ever done something mom and dad were worried about? Jesus was a part of growing up, learning, experiencing smells, and touch and sound just like us. And that is also what the word Emmanuel means. God is with us. God is with us in the silly stuff, like a big kid wrapped in a blanket, and in the difficult things, like when we worry our parents, and in the joys and the sadness of life. ”

FaithCross_PrayALTGod, help us to walk with you as we grow up. Thank you that you are with us in the big days and in the little days. Help us to know you and to keep the words of love you give in our hearts. Amen

FaithCross_BlessALTGod in my head, God in my heart, God on my left, God on my right.


FaithCross_WorshipOn pieces of paper have a drawing of a baby on one end and a stick figure person on the other end. Put a wiggly line in-between the two. Invite people to write their birth/baptism date by the baby and their current age by the stick person. Then invite them to write places along the line where they experienced God, or a new learning, or a certain moment that is memorable. Write a prayer on the bottom thanking God for the walk of life and for remaining present in it.

Children’s Sermon Advent 4C Luke 1:39-56

Preparation: paper hearts cut out of map paper, a box wrapped that you can open easily, supplies for worship station if you choose to do that.

20130822-223520.jpgGather the children up front. Have a present wrapped up with you. Say, “Look! I have a present! I am so excited!” Shake the gift. “Hmmm, I really wonder what it is… do any of you know?” “Have any of you ever gotten a present? … have you ever known what was in the box??… Were you really sure exactly what it was?  I think I may know what is in here… but I am not sure I totally know.. it is pretty light… does not make much noise… hmmmm..”

20130822-223633.jpg“You know this is like the gospel story we heard today. Mary knew she was having a baby and she went to tell Elizabeth. And when she got there Elizabeth knew she was having a baby too because her baby leaped for joy in her womb! Have any of you had a mom or an aunt or friend who was going to have a baby? And did you see how her tummy got bigger and after awhile she could feel the baby move? Elizabeth must have felt a big movement! So both these women knew that Mary would have God’s son but they also did know all of what that meant–didn’t know what he would look like or smell like, did not know how he would act or what it would mean exactly. They knew Jesus was a going to be gift for not just them but the world too, but they also did not know exactly how God would give this gift to us.  Kind of like my present… I have not looked in the box, I have guess that it has something that will show me about Jesus…. but I am not sure exactly what it is…”

Open the box. “I was right! It is about Jesus!” Show the paper hearts you have in the box and tell how they are on map paper. “This present is to help us remember God’s big love in Jesus is for the whole world and it is for you and me.  Even when are unsure about all that we know, we can know for sure that God loves us. I want you all to have heart and you can write your name on this heart to help you remember God’s love for you and for the world.”

20130822-223749.jpgJesus, you know us by name. Thank you for your love for us. Help us to know you. Thank you for the gift of coming to our world. Help us to show your big love all over the globe. Amen

20130822-223908.jpgMay you know the light of Christ in your heart and in your world.



Have moFaithCross_Worshipre paper hearts cut out of map paper or the supplies for people to cut them. Have magnets with sticky back on them and have them out for people to attach to their heart. Invite people to write their names and/or a prayer on them.

Rejoice in the Lord Always! Philippians 4: 4-7 Advent 3C, December 13, 2015


20130822-223454.jpgGather the children while singing this song:

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice! 
Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice! 
Rejoice! Rejoice! And again I say, Rejoice! 
Rejoice! Rejoice! And again I say, Rejoice! 

*Here is the link for the music:

Teach them the song as they get settled. Ask them how many times a day they say the word rejoice? What does the word “rejoice” mean? Do you always feel happy? No, and that’s ok. Life can have some hard days where we don’t feel happy. But rejoicing isn’t necessarily about feeling happy.

20130822-223633.jpgPaul tells us in the letter he wrote to some people who lived a long time ago that even when they are having a sad day or a hard day to rejoice. He’s not telling them to be happy or just smile, but to remember that Jesus promises to be with them always and loves them no matter what. He’s telling them to give thanks that even when life is sad or hard to know that God knows that they are sad and will be with them. Paul also tells them that they should always talk to God about everything. There is no question that they cannot ask. When we talk to God all the time, we keep God as the most important thing in our lives. When God is the most important thing in our lives, we remember that we are the most important thing to God AND that ALL PEOPLE are the most important thing to God! We can remember to treat each other how God treats us: as very important!

If you could ask God something what would it be? (Warning adults: this could be loaded! Be sure you follow up with any families if something difficult arises. Great opportunity for pastoral care and connection!) What would tell God “thank you” for? God wants to hear it all! Most of all God wants us to always talk to God AND talk to each other. When we share our happy days with other people, those days are even happier and when we share our sad days with other people, our sad days might be a little easier.

20130822-224425.jpg Dear Jesus, thank you for hearing all of our prayers. May we share your love and peace with everyone we meet. May we care for our neighbor and make sure that no one is hungry, lonely, or cold. You love all people very much and we are grateful. Please help us to love everyone as much as you love them. Amen.

FaithCross_Worship Station 1: Have hearts cut out of card stock with a variety of colored markers on a table. Ask people to write/draw a prayer on the heart. What do they want to ask God for or give thanks for today? Have a large wooden cross in a location where the prayers of their hearts can be taped to the cross. You may want to have this available at your Wednesday evening Advent worship if you have one. Offer a time in your worship for people to gather at the cross to pray some or all of the prayers.

Station 2: Have a bowl of “worry rocks.” Have several permanent markers  (black or a dark color) and invite people to write a worry on the rock on one side and the word “peace” on the other. (Or they could draw a cross as a reminder that “the Lord is near.”)

20130822-223908.jpg+The Lord is near+