52 Bible Stories in a Year–2017

Bible Story each week!



Welcome to the Bible in a year—Family version. This is a journey you can take anytime! Start up when you like and read the Bible with your family–52 Stories in a Year!
Get a group together in your congregation or do this on your own. You can search for the Facebook group Bible in 52 Weeks to join an online community.

Getting Started–Information on how to start, Bibles to use and format

Notebook Cover–If you would like to download and print to make a notebook here is a cover sheet.

Story 1–Creation
Story 2–Noah
Story 3–Abraham and Sarah
Story 4–Isaac
Story 5–Joseph
Story 6–Baby Moses
Story 7–Exodus
Story 8–Miriam & Moses
Story 9–10 Commandments
Story 10--Naomi & Ruth
Story 11--Samuel
Story 12–David and Goliath
Story 13--King David
Story 14–King Solomon
Story 15–Elijah
Story 16–Queen Esther
Story 17–Naaman
Story 18–Daniel
Story 19–Jonah
Story 20–Mary Mother of Jesus
Story 21–Elizabeth
Story 24–Jesus’ Baptism
Story 25–Jesus Calls the Disciples
Story 26–The Beatitudes 
Story 27–Parable of the Sower
Story 28–Jesus Stills the Storm
Story 29–Walking on Water
Story 30–Jesus Heals Many
Story 31–Jesus Heals Blindman
Story 32–Good Samaritan
Story 33–Feeding the 5000
Story 34–Prodigal Son


Let us walk with you on the journey of faith. Whether your feet are big or small, fresh or worn, running or crawling, God's love goes with you and you stand on holy ground.